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And then there are those who need jobs while they await elusive UN approval for asylum. For centuries, and especially in the last few decades, Middle-Eastern traders and travellers, restaurateurs and refugees have left their mark on Thailand, bestowing their cultural, Islamic, architectural, culinary and musical heritage. Digging deep, Carleton Cole writes about Middle Easterners who have called Thailand a home away from home. West Papua, part of Indonesia shows disparity with the land that annexed it after the Dutch abandoned a war which should have secured independence for the Papuans as the Netherlands had promised.

Frans Welman in collaboration with Viktor Kasiepo travels through this forgotten land of high rise mountains and swampy coast dotted with beaches to experience culture and repression. Their aim is to make the culture of the Papuans known so that they do not need to stand alone in their quest to be free of domination. Often depicted as rebels, killers, criminals and the like they actually live in a semi feudal, a post colonial society where they are oppressed and exploited.

The Government of the Philippines condones this exploitation of the poor and deploys its Army against its own people, cheap labor by millions of Philippinos, to force them to abide their corrupted policies. In the Samar in the Visayas archipelago uprisings have a long history.

Since the neo-colonial attitude is still prevalent on Samar the people do not need much encouragement to literally fight for their rights as decent human beings.

jeniflorehome | Children of the Promise

Ordinary farmers they did not need to be recruited for the New Peoples Army of the Philippines, people who are usually depicted as faceless or dead rebels. These heroic people who fight for fundamental human rights are gentle, hospitable and most of all genuinely friendly. Feeling the pulse of the Burmese people of Burma, before the popular uprising and not yet renamed to Myanmar. The dynamics of what happens when people live under unbearable pressure and yet find ways for much needed relief. That the uprising came we know, but the people then did not and express with risk what happens when a country, their country is abandoned and military dictators can do as the please.

If born a girl There, BG is Battle Ground THE fact that Bukit Gombak is opposition territory is not far from the minds of grassroots leaders working the ground there, even at National Day observances, which one might expect to be above politics. It was raised in this space by colleague Han Fook Kwang last week when he commented on. Those with less impressive academic credentials should still go into politics. Turn your unwanted items into fast cash through The Straits Times Classified. Call Nanyang Technological University Ever since popularly-elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was toppled in a military coup in , the military junta has subjected his supporters to a barbaric reign of terror.

I am confident we will do well. A few years ago. Has he been. The pre-approved credit card is sent only to persons who are already DBS cardholders, whom we know and have been selected based on their card usage. Revoke ban on tinted windscreen I DROVE my car for a whole day recently and had a nasty burn because of the hot afternoon sun. The Malaysian government conducted a research study recently and the results indicated that car drivers jure at risk from exposure to the sun.

Prolonged exposure. The article reported the view that the requirement to obtain the Diploma in Singapore Law to qualify for the Singapore Bar would only affect some existing students.

Maridatges: Sushi amb cava

Lawyers ask for reasonable remuneration On the other hand, scale fees range between 0. Athma Santhi Pooja will. Special thanks to Mr. Rajen K. Death Notices are accepted till 1 1pm for the next days Straits Times.

For enquiries, please call office hours Or after office hours. Late Obituaries MR. It was six points ahead of Sarawak and eight in front of Singapore at the end of last month after the. Also midfielders Hasnim Haron and Khalid Shahdan are in good shape. Kedah needs motivation to maintain challenge Kedah v Selangor at Stadium Darulaman KEDAH had this pleasant dream of winning the Malaysian Premier League soccer championship until the cracks began to appear three matches ago.

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Tonight, that dream will turn into nightmare if it fails to beat Selangor. Of course, the. The reasons are obvious.

Asian Exposures & Comparisons: Short Stories South Korea & Sabah, Malaysia

Leader Kedah has found itself in stormy waters. But his debut season ended on a stormy. Cantona suspended French striker Eric Cantona has been suspended for the first three matches of the English Premier League soccer season.

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Cantona was sent off playing for Manchester United at Glasgow Rangers last week. The Republic has seven bowlers in the former category and nine in the latter. Each category will. Field lacrosse demonstration sport. Duration: Aug In at Vancouver it was. Not many had given. European soccer clubs have made some imaginative transfer deals.

Gaze scored a game-high 34 points, shooting 8-for-9 from the field and 4-for-9 from three-point range, and. Matienzo, 25, was not at. Edberg volleyed his way past unseeded American MaliVai Washington for a , win that marked his th. After three second placings in the Tour de France and another in the second British leg at Blackpool on Tuesday, the former. AFA president Julio Grondona announced the decision following a meeting of the association on Wednesday. Holidays 9. The former Adelaide-based hoop said yesterday that his sprained right wrist was taking much longer to heal than anticipated.

With a track rider astride, the six-year-old was kept on a tight rein over m to clock Four profiles in numerous colours.

Fire in Seoul brothel leads to 2 casualties

Very popular in South Pacinc area and North America. Exclusive fee 5A Consumer prices in US up 0. In all, stores took part in the. With this move, Mr Ng is now. SIA has been operating a thrice-weekly service to Vancouver under a temporary authorisation for the. But the agency stopped short of declaring, in its monthly. They said the maximum allocation for each investor had to be scaled down to 1, Hongkong, the second largest investor in Vietnam after Taiwan, topped the list.

Consumers favour rivalry in pager, handphone service MORE than half of all handphone and pager users in Singapore are in favour of increased competition in those segments of the telecommunication market. And about the same number are prepared to switch to a new operator, even if they had to change. New index challenges old way of quoting oil prices A NEW oil price index, the Far East Oil Pricing FEOP Index which relies on oil companies for its price data is posing a challenge to the traditional way of quoting prices from trade media.

Reporting this in its August issue,. The reverse followed start-up losses incurred by its joint-venture subsidiary, Davids Distribution Pte Ltd, in setting up a. Profit-taking dampens KL sentiment SHARE prices in Kuala Lumpur retreated from a steady start to close mixed yesterday as bullish retail sentiment was affected by profit-taking in blue chips. The stock Composite Index rose to 1. There were The blue-chip Hang Seng Index fell It fell points this week despite a point. The issue Nikkei Stock Average closed The Tokyo Stock Price Index lost The bearishness was aggravated by the weakness on Wall Street overnight, they added.

The key All-Ordinaries Index dropped 18 points before recovering some lost ground to. Trading totalled The FT index was at 2, The Dow Jones fell Declining shares outpaced. Pokphand 2. OlCt Turnover 37 43 tonnes. Brokers said enthusiasm in the earlier part of the day was centred on Malaysian stocks traded over the counter in. Adjusted for scrip rights N Tan -exempted dividend. Giordano announced yesterday that. It had proposed an issue of Euroconvertible bonds due in.

The group achieved a turnover of M The market continued to swirl with rumours that Bank Negara. The vehicle for the venture will be Australian-listed Prests Ltd. Mr Kang is the son of former managing director and major shareholder Kang Hwi Wah, who is serving a one-year. Hardie said the sale. Jacinto Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in the Philippines, to participate in the Philippines Integrated Steel Project. Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank, in a statement on behalf of Wing. Among the proposals the company is seeking to pass are: an increase in its authorised share capital from million shares at a par value of five cents to million shares.

In a reply to the Kuala Lumpur Stock.

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The acquisition of the unit in the industrial building in Kallang Pudding will be financed by the holding company. Man who first gave the world the hard-boiled detective novel. That seems. The youth has also fired his whole family into getting in on the act.