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The Clone Empire 2010

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I think Handrail is pasamanos good job Barandal or Barandilla..

None of these came up in my head :- I really need to work as an interpreter either over the phone or Hospitals just anything and anywhere as they say practice makes perfect. You are right on the viejito part.. I should have the results by Sept. I know I didnt pass the test but I am going to try again in Jan. I am still studying and wont give up. Futureinterpreter -- I missed a lot, you know how you just feel it when you get hired, when you pass a test or not??

Hi Vanessa. I took my exam on Wednesday, and while I'm optimistic I do remember stuttering!! Let's see what happens in September. Regarding the comment about working as a telephone interpreter for the experience This experience was priceless. Don't get discouraged, sometimes you feel like you didn't achieve something and you actually might have, so think positive, don't give up on this test's results until you actually see them.

No sense worrying about what you should have or could have done now, just learn from it and move on. Write down any vocabulary that you think you could have missed and study it more next time since who knows, you might get the same test. Like futureinterpreter said, any "real world experience" you can get is priceless. I had the opportunity to do an internship in Orange County and it was great, I have some info on that on our forum, but that might be a little too far for you. I would go to the courthouse over in french valley, right next to the airport , the interpreters there are great and I'm sure that if you just sit in one of the courtrooms you can get great material, Traffic court is particularly useful because they usually go over the advisement of rights form out loud.

You can also go to their self-help center and volunteer like futureinterpreter did. Ooops, I forgot to mention that if you have to choose between telephone or hospital medical interpreting, I suggest you pick telephone interpreting if your goal is to be certified for court. You will probably get paid more doing medical, but you do not get as broad of an exposure.

I worked with LanguageLine for about a year and I got really good at note taking, I also got police, insurance , medical, court, housing , welfare type calls so you get more of a variety of terms if you will. We also have a section with a bunch of links to companies including languageline who are hiring interpreters who want to work from home doing telephone interpreting on our website. You can check it out here:. Good luck! Bea in Covina, California. Before i register I'd like to hear from someone who has taken or heard of it!

I'm trying to pass the written exam! I have not taken any courses at that school, but according to their website and facebook page they have a pretty high passing rate. I know a couple of interpreters who studied there and they said their classes were good. There's several webpages which offer classes but its the same instructor.

My First Smartbook

Good Luck! I took my classes with Joe Hernandez, yes he does guarantee that you will pass and hey I did.. Now for the Oral I dont know if its wise to stick with him it all depends on how well you speak both languages..

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Joe Hernandez is not like a normal class its an accelarated class, you go and get the papers he gives you the answers and you just study them. A lot of the people that pass is in the mid 80's and above. You really only need the English classes.. I hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks Alekz, Your information helped me a lot. I did well on part 2, but i need help with part 1 the general language proficiency. Any advice? I'm going to try the seminar. I think its worth a try.

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Vanessa in Murrieta, California said: I took my classes with Joe Hernandez, yes he does guarantee that you will pass and hey I did.. Thats why i needed more info before i decide to go ahead with it, but i think its worth a try!

enter Thanks, this info helped a lot. I did not take the new test, so I went back to read the test decription and this is what I came up with Idioms: www. You can use a GRE book and try to learn as much vocabulary as you can, that will help you out in the vocabulary section. Also do the reading comprehension sections, they do not test you on these apparently but it also helps you with vocabulary.

Good Luck Alekz www. A in Cerritos, California. My advise for the written is the following. I passed the first time the new state exam. I bought the amrican book of idioms. Martika in Temecula, California. Thank you all for sharing all the tips and websites! I took the written part of the NEW state exam in California last week and passed!

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Now onto preparing for the next few months for the Oral exam!!! AP in Anaheim, California. SAT questions are i think high school level vocabulary. What helped me in passing the written exam was a book entitled, wordsmart second edition, i found it at barnes and nobles. But any book store should have it. The vocab in this book was just like the vocab in the new written state exam. Hope this helps. My test is today at 4PM in S. Hello Vanessa, Did you take the oral test? How was it? Any feedback will be greatly appreciate it.

I am taking the test on the 11th. When are you taking it?

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I am very scared, this is my first time. Any feedback you can give me? Blessings and good luck!!! Did you pass the oral exam? I am taking mine on the 11th of this month. Any words you remember? Any insight you can provide? It was a few degrees easier than the previous exam given by the Judcial Council. However, while it lacked in legal terminology, it more than made up for in infomalDid dialogue and idiomatic expressions that a native speaker would have no problem with. Pay close attention to position markers in speech, such as going towards, coming from, facing, out of and then into, etc.