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  1. Volume 3 – Game Situations - The 3 seconds rule
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  3. The NBA Has a Defensive Three Seconds Problem
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While some ground textures make them almost impossible to see without zooming, I like to think of it as a game feature even if its not. They set up their patrols and camps near the roads so you step right in it without noticing. Once, they were even hiding in a cactus bush. Avoiding Beak Things.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. My pawns: mining copper Me: looks away for 2 seconds to take a sip of water My pawns: dead.

Volume 3 – Game Situations - The 3 seconds rule

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Jan 14, Cake Day. Choose to be a thief, a bandit, a rebel, a warlord or a mercenary. Topic Report this topic.

  2. you: take your eyes from the game for three seconds dust bandits:.
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The interpretation as I can see is, a player may occupy the space as long as they like provided the shoot immediately when they get the ball. If they pass it off or make exagerated moves they will be pinged for a 3 second violation. The 3 second count is reset when a shot is attempted, this however is a bit grey as well as a shot attempt is enough to warrant a reset of the 3 second count but not the shot clock. I would like to see the 3 second rule enforced as follows: Player a can be in the key as long as they like but if an advantage is gained by that position then they should be called for the violation.

Reply Report this post. The rule clearly states it is only a 3 second violation if the offensive player is in the key for 3 seconds and must gain an advantage whilst being in there. So the onus is on the last commenter to back up their statement that "if he is standing in the key doing nothing, then it is not a violation. If there is a different document that SA District basketball uses, then please provide a link to it if possible. Brown Penis, do you think that your response may be a little over the top? I think my answer provides a description of the rule in clear easy to understand language, I think that the interpretation is clearly stated.

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What part of my explaination caused a concern to you that I should "shut up" and could you please explain your statement: "The rule clearly states it is only a 3 second violation if the offensive player is in the key for 3 seconds and must gain an advantage whilst being in there. When they get an offensive rebound? I look forward to reading your very educational response as you are clearly a highly qualified referee.

I just hope you have a chance to answer before you have to rush out to referee your ABL match tonight!! Wow I'm actually surprised by this, So stepping one foot out and lifting the other does not count if you follow the rule to a t. How many people do this though. What a ridiculous way to carry on. Oh, and good luck with graduating from the green shirt program. Wow, how's my typing!! That should of course read "document"!!

Damn, or for brown penis, dam!! Thanks all.

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  • Brown penis - a little defensive there - maybe you were the ref I questioned? The response I had received from the ref was very similar to your interpretation about 'gaining an advantage while being there'. However as 'herechenes' shows there is nothing in the rule book re this. Where does this 'advantage' interpretation come from and what authority is there to apply it? Happy to play by the rule - IF it exists!

    Without sounding precious, Brown penis your tone of reply was uncalled for. This is a great forum and would be used more by all it the standard wasn't lowered so frequently by offensive and uncalled for responses. I am looking forward to reading it as I was directed. Get it seen to son.

    We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

    You would think a tall player camped in the key for more than 3 seconds would be a great advantage. Thanks for the clarifications re. Although, the full-text reads: I haven't read any other applicable points-of-emphasis documents though. But in the case of 3 seconds, rebounding is a major advantage all the time you are in offence. I agree But, just trying to clarify whether the rules even allow for it or not in the first place.

    The concept of rebounding is a difficult one, the 3 second count resets with the shot attempt and any rebound after that isnt affected by 3 second violation. I think another option with 3 seconds could be if a player maintains position in the key for 3 or more seconds the referee must give a warning "out of the key 15" if that player doesn't immediately leave the 3 second lane then they get called for the violation.

    No second chances. Interesting thread but the real question should be what is the rule?

    The NBA Has a Defensive Three Seconds Problem

    Not what it should be. The rule is pretty clear. Not allowed in the keyway for more than 3 seconds and be considered an advantage to your team.

    We can argue what advantage means but it doesn't really matter what we think, it's what those that make the rules think. Obviously the majority of spectators disagree with the way the ruling is applied, but I wonder how many of those yelling for three seconds on the opposition are the first to yell complaining when one is called on their team. Referees can't win either way with the 3 second rule it seems, maybe we all need to just play to the whistle and accept what is called rather then worrying about one rule that it seems none of us really understand anyway.

    The point s that you havent added discuss how fiba want the game called. They want the game to flow not be pulled up for every little thing that has no bearing on the contest. They call it "feel for the game". In regards to 3 seconds it would be like the ball carrier standing in the centre cirle in his front court, dribbling the ball for 8 seconds doing nothing and a referee calling 3 seconds on an offensive player who happens to be just standing in the key.

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    No advantage to anybody. Not having and effect on the game whatsoever. Thanks for the further clarifications. This is the whole section that is being referred to, for those who haven't read it: Unfortunately woop woop's english is terrible but he basically has it in a nutshell. The other thing you may have noticed is the more you scream and yell for three seconds Because when they do call it after you have screamed and yelled is it looks like you have pressured them into the call. I guarantee you if you scream lees you will get more.